Brólins's Journey

Iron Hills – Erebor the Lonely Mountain
Departure 25 Lothron
195 miles
22 Days

Leaving his home on the 25 of Lothron (spring). Travelling with a pony and a mule to carry equipment and supplies, he avoids the main road and instead travels cross country in order to gain experience with such travels. This takes considerably longer than taking the normal road.

10 days rest and planning in Eerebor, being well received and given a grand treatment by the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. Its hard to leave the splendour and the friendly dwarves, but the road lies ahead.

Erebor – Esgaroth
Arrival 17 Norui
Departure 27 Nóuri
35 miles
1,5 days

6 days of rest and planning in Esgaroth, taking on supplies and arrangeing travel down the river on a boat. Its unnerving for Brólin to live on a town on the water.

Esgaroth – Edge of Mirkwood
Arrival 29 Nórui
60 miles
2 days

Boats are not meant for dwarves…

Old Forest Road through Mirkwood
Departure 6 Cerveth
200 miles
9 days

Mirkwood is still a dangerous, so he keeps high speed and take no rest days while in the forrest. Despite sighting the large spiders of the forrest, only a smaller one attacks him when he scares it. A close call.

Edge of Mirkwood – Old Ford
25 miles
1 day

Quick to put distance between himself and Mirkwood.

Old Ford – River Gladden/River Anduin
Arrival 16 Cerveth

2 day rest, enjoying the open landscape and the mountainview to the west.

Departure 18 Cerveth
78 miles
7 days

River Gladden/River Anduin – Misty Mountains
Arrival 25 Cerveth
1 day rest before turning west towards the Misty Mountains.

Departure 26 Cerveth
75 mile
8,5 days

13,5 day rest and scouting
Gathering strenght before crossing the mountain, he must also spend time finding the moutainpass and even then he decides to give it a few more days, in order for the summer to truly gather in the mountains.

Over misty Mountains
Departure 18 Ivanneth
est. 110 miles figuring in detours, climbing, wrong turns, etc.
18 Days

Is over on the and down on the lowlands again on the 6 Narbaleth
5 days of rest before heading to the river Bruinen.

Misty Mountains – Bruinen
Departure 11 Narbeleth
59 miles
7 Days

Bruinen – Fennas Drunin
Arrival 18 Narbeleth
1 day rest
Departure 19 Narbeleth
55 miles
5 days

In Fennas Drunin 24 Narbeleth

Spends 5 days in Fennas Drunin, decides to spend the winter in The Angle. Hears about the dwarven settlement of Smallforge, decides to seek it out. Sells his pony for money to surivive the winter and to avoid feeding costs, but keeps the mule.

30 Narbeleth arrives in Reedhaven, spends two days. Depart with directions for Smallforge.

2 Hithui arrives in Smallforge. Make friends with the dwarves there. Spends the fall, winter and early spring prospecting in the area, with trips to foot of The Misty Mountains to prospect during the fall. Also works in Smallforge during the worst winter monts.

One the road again:

A wet spring and larger than usual bogs keep Brólin from leaving until 1 Norui. He buys a second mule to carry equipment. Planning on seeing the ruins of a great city on the road to Moria (Ost-in-Edhil) and finding the Gates of Moria to see if Balin (if he still is in the mines) might have reopened them (and when there, spend some time there seeing the wonders of the mines), he travels down the eastside of the Greyflood. This will prove to be a near disastrous decission.

Angle – Glanduin
Departure 1 Norui
140 miles
14 days
1 day rest
Arrives at the Glanduin river and the Swanfleet marshland. on the 14th of Norui. Detours to Ost-in-Edhil.

Swanfleet – Ost-in-Edhil
Departure 16 Norui
45 Miles
3 days

Arrive in Ost-in-Edhil on the 19th. Spend that day and the following exploring the ruins. Considers going on to Moria, to see if Balin’s expedition is still there. Wheras adventure drove him to take his uncles old route over the mountain, instead of through the mines, caution now stays his hand. There has been no word from Balin for years. In addition to this, something feels wrong and feeling of gloom and dread come over him. Moria does not feel like a safe choice, quite the opposite. Suddenly the Glanduin seem dark and dangerous. He decides to leave for Tharbad that evening.

Ost-in-Edhil – Tharbad
Departure 20 Norui
55 Miles
3 days

Arrival 23 Norui
Weary and suspicious he arrives near Tharbad. He spends a day scouting the ruined city from afar, fearing that some danger might lurk there as well. He is fortunate however, as Tharbad at that moment is empty, bandits having been driven out a short time earlier.

Crossing the old bridge of Tharbad proves near fatal. Along with one of the mules, Brólin falls into the river. Mule and much equipment is lost. So is part of his travel funds. Nursing the loss, he is fortunate to find an abanoden camp on the west side of the city ruins. Here is plenty of dry firewood, a cooking site with cooking equipement. It appears to have been unused for some time. He spends two days contemplating his choices, resting and exploring the ruined city. He decides that it will take too long to travel all the way back to Fennas Drunin for resuplying, especially since he is now short on funds and would probably need to get work or go prospecting to raise money, meaning he might have to spend another winter in Smallforge. He pushes on.

Departure 27 Norui

Tharbad – Bree
200 miles
15 days
Arrive in Bree on 10th Cerbeth
Spends 10 days in Bree. He spends the days resting, respulying and gathering information about the road ahead. He is forced to sell his remaining mule in order to buy essenstial equipement and provisions. From now on he must carry everything himself.

Bree – Buckland
Departure 19 Cerbeth
Buying passage on a wagon, Brólin continues to Buckland.
50 miles
3 days
1 day rest in Buckland.

Buckland – Michel Delving
Departure 23 Cerbeth
70 miles
3 days

Spends 2 days in Michel Delving respulying and planning.

Michel Delving – River Lhûn
Departure 28 Cerbeth
120 miles (200 in total)
30 days

Leaving Michel Delving a hard leg of the journey is infront of him. For the most part of this part of the journey he must make two trips, walking two hours with one pack, then returning to get the second. Water is a concern and he needs much of it, its summer and hot. Detours along streams and small rivers is necessary.

River Lhûn – Westward River Lhûn
Arrive at River Lhûn on 29 Urui
115 miles
12 days

Spends 16 days resting, trapping and fishing along the river, finding a crossing just north of the east tributary. Then seven days crossing the Lhûn main river north of the joing of the two rivers, fishing and hunting here.

Departs the riverside of Lhûn on the 14th of Ivanneth.

Carrying much less weight and not needing to worry about water this part of the journey is faster.

Arrives Westard River Lhûn on 26th of Ivanneth
Spends 7 days resting, fixing equipment, gathering some food.
Departs 2 Narbeleth

Westward River Lhûn – Culwic
115 miles
18 days

Arrives Culwic on the 20th of Narbeleth, almost exactly one year and six months after he left his home in the Iron Hills.

Brólins's Journey

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