Déorwine "Day" Niptook

Hobbit Adventurer


Hobbit Scout/Thief

Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M

RM Stats: St 60, Qu 95, Pr 75, In 65, Em 69, Co 80, Ag 101, SD 84, Me 64, Re 70.

MERP Stats: St 60, Ag 101 , Co 80, Ig 67, It 65, Pr 75, Ap 70.

Skills: Stalk/Hide 105 , Perception 35, Climb 90.

Languages: Westron 5, Adúnaic 5


Originally hailing from the Northfarthing of the Shire, Master Niptook is an adventuresome Hobbit. Fostered on fairy tales of Elves and wondrous beings, he decided one day leave behind his village of Long Cleeve and his family belonging to the North-Tooks. He packed his meagre belongings and set forth on the over-grown paths and tracks that led into the mysterious West in search of the Elves. He wandered the Old North Road toward the Lune river, but not an Elf did he see. Caras Celairnen was a sight to behold, but he was intimidated by the scope of the ancient lumber town, and booked passage on a lumber float down the river, but no one would talk to him of Fair Folk. The weather threatened to get the best of him, and he only managed to stay afloat as far as the Galenros river, where he had to excuse himself, swearing never to get on a boat again. He heard talk of Hobbits in the town of Eredimar, and made his way towards it. With no more funds or equipment, he took hire as a trapper with the human Scout Therge, providing rabbits and other small game for room and board. One day as he checks his traps, he inadvertedly triggers a crude resemblance to his own mechanisms, only big enough to trap a Hobbit! He barely made it away with his life, and found himself with bruised ribs, a broken arm, and several minor fractures. As he limped back to the village, he thought he caught a glimpse of the perpetrator, but surely, he must have imagined it, as it was clearly bigger than a man.

Déorwine "Day" Niptook

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