Woodsman ranging out of Culwic

Lvl Hits At DB Sh Gr Mêlée OB Missile OB Move M
1 40 RL 10 45 No Yes 32 42 20

+15 elven short sword Orc/goblin slaying critical

+10 elven rigid leather

80 gold

All of this found in an abandoned troll cave.

Brann has not interacted much with people, and may seem a bit naïve. He has not yet experienced the evil that men can do. He is not a simpleton, his forte is the woods, plants and animals, just not people.

Being the youngest son in a family living at a small farm, he soon found out he has no future at the farm. He would never inherit any land nor any fortune, and soon found out he would have to make his own luck. He spent most of his youth in the forrest. Hunting small game and gathering herbs for the old healer in Culwick. More than not, he even spent the nights there. At the age of 14 winters he found out the forrest was his home, and has been living there ever since, relying on his hunting and gathering, still getting some coin from bringing herbs and pelts back to Culwic


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