The Borderlands

“…and they climbed the heights of Ered Luin and looked eastward in wonder, for wild and wide it seemed to them were the lands of Middle-Earth.”

Roaring waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, and deep forests whose shadows hold beasts and monsters surround the isolated hamlets and farmsteads where only the fearless and hardy dare dwell. Far from the comforts of civilization, travelers face marauding bandits, hungry Trolls, and the spies of the Enemy throughout this frontier.It is early spring the year 3011 in the Third Age of Middle-Earth. Darkness is stirring, and those chosen to defend against it are few and far between. In far Numeriador a small band of adventurers are oblivious to the larger game played with the fate of all of Middle-Earth as its stake. An adventurous Dwarf in search of the glories of his famous uncle. An intrepid scout hell-bent on carrying out a mission long since failed. A young lumberjack with dreams of being the man his father was. A disowned farmer’s son taken to the woods. Together they brave the wilds of the Borderlands in search of glory, treasure, and a darn good tale to tell when they return.

These are chronicles of the Rogues of the Borderlands.


Rogues of the Borderlands

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