Rhovanion or Wilderland was a large region of northern Middle-earth. The Great River Anduin flowed through it, and the immense forest of Greenwood the Great was a part of it.
Properly speaking Rhovanion was the name of a small region east of Greenwood, which later was the Kingdom of Rhovanion, but the name was used for all of Wilderland by the late Third Age.

Its boundaries were: To the east, the inland Sea of Rhûn. To the north, the Grey Mountains (Ered Mithrin) and Iron Hills, home of the Dwarves. To the west, the range of the Hithaeglir, or Misty Mountains. To the south, the line marked by the Limlight river, Anduin, Emyn Muil, Dagorlad, and the Ash Mountains (Ered Lithui).

Important rivers were the Anduin or Great River, the River Running (Celduin), and the Carnen or Redwater.

Major features were the forest of Mirkwood, and the Long Lake of Esgaroth (Laketown).


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