The Dwarves, or “Naugrim,” are descendants of the Seven Fathers of the Khazâd, who were created by the Vala Aulë (The Smith) out of stone. Their seven lineages or houses settled in separate areas, but always in or by the mountains. All Dwarves consider mountains sacred. They also worship Aulë, whom they call “Mahal.”

Dwarves are rather short, stocky, and have a ruddy complexion. Males average about 4 to 5 feet in height. They western Dwarves are often fair haired and fair skinned (especially the Firebeards are proud of their for the most fire-red hair) while their eastern brothers ore often darker (particularly the Blacklocks). They grow long beards (foremost the Longbeard-tribe) which they often decorate or braid. Resistant to diseases and extremely strong, they live an average of 150-250 years. Some rare exceptions reach the age of 400.

The Naugrim have superior sight underground and in places of near total darkness. Their crafts are superb, and they are unsurpassed workers of stone. Like Orcs, they are masters of metalwork, although Dwarven works embody a sense of beauty as well as strength and utility. No race mines as well as Dwarves.

Relatively infertile and slow to marry or reproduce (females constitute less than a third of their kind), Dwarves rarely sire young. But this seems to be a condition of the later times of decline. In the earliest times there were several Dwarves who are said to have had children in numbers of eight or seven, otherwise the Dwarven race would not have been able to increase in numbers.


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