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  • River Lhûn

    A river of northern Lindon emptying through a long firth[6] into the Gulf of Lune, which breaks through the line of the Blue Mountains, and thence into Belegaer. The maps show three tributaries: two of them (including the Little Lune) arising in the …

  • Malhir

    Malhir is a shallow, brilliant estuary to the [[River Lhûn | Lune]]. It has been known to yield gold to intrepid prospectors.

  • Celebril

    The "Silver-Brilliance" (Sindarin) is named for its shimmering beauty. It is used in the logging industry of [[Culwic]], and meets the [[Malhir | Malhir]] directly east of Culwic, running all the way to the [[River Lhûn | Lune]].

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