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  • Lindon

    Lindon is the land beyond the [[Blue Mountains | Blue Mountains]][[Blue Mountains | Blue Mountains]], in the northwest of Middle-earth. It is the westernmost land of the continent. The [[Gulf of Lhûn | Gulf of Lune]] divides it into [[Forlindon]] (North …

  • Wilderland

    Rhovanion or Wilderland was a large region of northern Middle-earth. The Great River Anduin flowed through it, and the immense forest of Greenwood the Great was a part of it. Properly speaking Rhovanion was the name of a small region east of Greenwood, …

  • Arthedain

    Arthedain was once one of the three kingdoms that rose out of the ashes of Arnor. *"Read More":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/palantir-20/wikis/arthedain*

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