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  • Old Báir

    Báir has been prospecting in the crags of Numeriador for nearly seventy years. The Dwarf was born in the Iron Hills far to the East, where he lived until he reached a young and adventurous fifty years of age. Leaving the Emyn Engrin, he wandered …

  • Dejyk

    Dejyk is a traveller from afar. He hails from the city of Tul Poac in Far Harad, but possesses a decent understanding of Westron. He has been travelling with a band of brigands led by Carradar.

  • Torendra

    Torendra is a middle-aged widow who has lived in Culwic for most of her life. She became the head innkeeper after her husband died two years ago of exposure. She is cheery, compassionate, and enjoys conversation with the travellers at her inn. She has …

  • Carradar

    Fleeing from a hangman ' s noose in Arthedain, Carradar and his bandits have come to the high reaches of Numeriador to seek their fortune. During their journey, they encountered an old prospector travelling to a cave on the edge of the mountains, a place …

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