Riverman Hunter


Riverman Ranger (Beastmaster)

Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M

RM Stats: St 92, Qu 83, Pr 60, In 95, Em 90, Co 82, Ag 78, SD 65, Me 60, Re 72.

MERP Stats: St 92, Ag 78, Co 82, Jg 66, Jt 95, Pr 60, Ap 76.

Skills: Tracking 60, Skinning 50, Climb 20, Read Tracks 80, Stalk/Hide 40.

Languages: Westron 5, Adúnaic 5

Power Points: 12.

Spell Lists: Path Mastery, Nature’s Guises, Movement Enhancement (Beastmaster base) to 10th.

Equipment: Longbow (+ 15 magical). Made in Anúminas before the fall of Arnor.


Therge has always been a tight-lipped, secretive man. He believes in personal privacy and a right to live without others’ interference or help. Recently, however, Therge has been combating his isolationist attitude in the interest of Eredimar’s safety. He has taken in a companion, the Hobbit Déorwine “Day” Niptook, who is doing small game hunting for Therge for room and board, and grounding Therge’s humanity, as the two share a cottage and have their meals together. He is struggling to get used to the company, but is warming to the cheerful Hobbit, and starting to see the point of community.

Several days ago, Therge discovered the first of a series of prankster’s traps and has spent all his time since locating the other traps. He has been quite open and informative to his neighbours when they met in Eredimar Hall to discuss the unknown perpetrator of the pranks. Old habits die hard though, and the Riverman has withheld the fact that he found a footprint in dried mud roughly two miles away from the village. The footprint was tremendous, being some 30 inches in length. The discovery has the Riverman frightened and that feeling has prevented him from mentioning it. (He also does not believe that the footprint and the traps are connected.)

Despite his personal secrecy, Therge asks many questions of all he encounters in is wandering way of life. His sandy, shoulder length, brown hair and brown eyes combine with his facial features make him appear a young man while he actually is pushing middle age. He stands 5’6" and is rather stocky. He favors forest and earthy shades for his clothing and carries a finely crafted bow.


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