Old Báir

Dwarven Fighter/Prospector


Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M

Items: +15 War hammer. Additional cold critical.
RM Stats: St82, Qu86, Pr95, In60, Em63, Co96, Ag76, SD84, Me77; Re73.
MERP Stats: St82, Ag76, Co96, Ig75, It60, Pr95, Ap82.
Skills: Caving 80, Prospecting 87, Climb 40, Perception 45, Tale Telling 30.
Languages: Westron 5, Khuzdul 5, Sindarin 4, Adûnaic 2, Quenya 2.

Báir is a short, weathered Dwarf who stands a stout 4’5". He is very stocky and has graying hair. In his favorite style of dress, Báir wears a green knitted-wool sweater with a hood, a leather jacket, thick wool pants, and strong leather boots. Although he seldom uses it, the Dwarf often carries a large, ornately decorated steel warhammer (+15 magical).

Source: Rogues of the Borderlands


Báir has been prospecting in the crags of Numeriador for nearly seventy years. The Dwarf was born in the Iron Hills far to the East, where he lived until he reached a young and adventurous fifty years
of age. Leaving the Emyn Engrin, he wandered throughout Endor exploring his people’s roots and culture, and learning of their struggles in the past. He travelled alone, enjoying the company of
others only during his brief visits to Mannish towns or Dwarven holds. He returned to the Iron Hills wiser, older, and somewhat saddened by decline he had witnessed among the Naugrim. The glorious days of old had truly passed. He spent the next decades immersed in military concerns, polishing his skills as a warrior and dreaming of the conquests that might restore his peoples’ fortunes.

Many years later, when Báir was getting on in years, he awoke from his dreams of military glory. Wars would come and go, but the Dwarves required more than victory on the battlefield to achieve the stature they’d held in the Elder days. Báir didn’t know what that might be, but he refused to cling any longer to his illusions. He left the Emyn Engrin once more, travelling to the Blue Mountains in the west. He built a stone hut, half-buried in the slope of the mountainside, and commenced leading the life of a hermit. His home was comfortable enough, but occasionally he felt that a visit to one of the local towns might be in order. Following several months of experimentation, Báir discovered the Two Waters located in Culwic and has confined his patronage to this establishment ever since.

Currently, the Dwarf’s sunny temperament has suffered an eclipse. His brow remains furrowed with worry rather than laughter, and his tales of adventure and excitement have ceased: Báir is convinced that he has been cursed by a supernatural force within the legendary Ice Cave. He wishes for help, but is too proud to ask for it. His tales of the cave ghost have scared most of the inhabitants of Culwic sufficiently to prevent any offers of aid. Silent and grim, Báir’s brown eyes no longer sparkle the way they once did. For the first time since the venerable Dwarf started to frequent the Two Waters has he actually looked old.

Old Báir

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